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Serving couples, individuals and children worldwide since 1980, Helen Rudinsky helps clients change destructive behaviors and achieve harmony in their relationships and daily lives.

Sessions available via Skype and in person.

Fergus Falls Counseling Services
Individual Counseling helps you work through issues systematically, so you feel empowered to move forward
with confidence.
Couples Counseling is brief, short term and solution focused so you can start seeing positive results in your
relationship right away.
Children have a wonderful ability to self-heal through child-directed play therapy and sand tray therapy.
"Being a wife and a mother of three, a working professional, an active community member and PTA member, the hustle and bustle of every day life had certainly taken its toll after 14 years. My marriage was in a rut and my body was failing. After a month's visit and several homework assignments from Helen, I was quickly on my way to the 360 turn around I wanted for my marriage and me". 



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