Consent Forms

To save time and help you think through what you want from therapy, clients are asked to fill out Consent Forms  1-7 and get them to the therapist at least 24 hours before the first session.  

Form 6-My Goals for Therapy is very important and will help you determine what you want to change and work on during therapy.


Form 7-Change and Cancellation Policy is very important and should be read carefully. 

Consent Form 8-Prep for First Session is information about how to prepare for and what to expect from the initial session.

All Consent Forms  need to be completed before the therapy session can begin. As a member of the medical community, the therapist is required by law to have all completed Consent Forms from each new client before we begin the first  session.

It is recommended that clients make copies of the Consent Forms for their own records.

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